Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Good Fairy (guest post)

Today we have a guest post! "Good Fairy" is a lovely poem written by Monika Seböková (or Nikki S. for short).

You will normally find her blogging over at Husitka.
which she describes as a blog about art, music, helping others - and about her thoughts. She calls it "A piece of my soul, heart and brain on the Internet." She also can be found blogging at Husitka Notepad. she describes this blog as being about languages, translations, drawing, photographing, music, writing and her view of the world around in general. She is a language teacher with a special interest in translation. You can find her post with this beautiful fairy poem on her blog here.

"Good Fairy
Like a fairy from my childhood dreams
She came and saved me
Her long red hair and bright blue eyes
Guided me through the most troubled times
And I felt safe like I once did in my Mother's arms

She spoke to me when I needed to listen
She stayed silent when I longed for silence
Her laughter caressed my heart and brightened my days
Her tears taught me to think before I speak
And her songs of a better tomorrow carved a sign of hope into my heart"

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~ Husitka ~ said...

Thank you so much for choosing my poem as a guest post. It made me happy and proud. Thank you once again.