Saturday, 14 April 2012

What Daddy Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him - contest entry by Robert Fyfe for the OUAT flash fiction contest

My husband doesn't blog often, but he wanted to enter the Once Upon a Time flash fiction contest. The word count limit is 350 words and the theme is Unexpected Fairytales. This is his submission to the contest.

Fairy Kisses

What Daddy Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him
by Robert Fyfe

Kerrie didn’t really understand why her father would react so badly but she was determined that she would warn the fairies that he was coming to destroy them. All her life she had seen them but until yesterday her father had told her that she was making things up and to stop these fantasies.

She wished she hadn’t lost her temper yesterday, hadn’t been so determined to prove him wrong, but after all it was his fault that her two sisters had gone; he had driven them away to goodness knows where. She had promised the fairies that she wouldn’t tell and they had shared their fairy dust with her. She had gotten so angry when her father had grabbed her, telling her that fantasies and fairytales were just make-believe and she should be real and forget them.
 She had become so upset and had pulled the little bag of dust from her pocket, had sprinkled a pinch of dust over her head and had whispered the magic word; she had risen off the floor about three feet as she had looked into her father’s eyes. So proud, so righteous, so in trouble.
He had grabbed her and threw her in her room telling her not to leave for any reason till he got back. She had heard him in the shed and she knew he was looking for a weapon against her friends.
He hadn’t realised though that the fairy dust was still powerful and she opened her window and flew out of the room and down to the bottom of the garden, his screams for her to return easily heard as he came from the shed and saw her disappear behind the hedge.
The fairies were there waiting, laughing, arms open wide. Kerrie told them to run, told them to hide. But they came to her, held on to her. “You just have to wish it away,” they told her. “Just think about where you would like to go and we will all go with you. After all it is what we did with your sisters.”
348 words