Wednesday, 28 November 2012

When Did You Stop Believing?

Christmas is nearly here and children are expectantly awaiting their gifts from Santa Claus. Well, the children who still believe in Santa Claus are eagerly awaiting him.  The children who no longer believe are not as excited. They are still looking forward to Christmas, but some of the magic of it has already been lost to them.

I was only six years old when I lost the magic of Christmas. My older brother, a little before Christmas, showed me my mom's stash of Christmas presents; he'd found her hiding place. A little later, on Christmas morning, I found some of those same toys labeled "from Santa Claus" under the tree. I particularly remember one present I had seen amongst her hidden stash, a Princess Leia figurine, which I found in my Christmas stocking that Christmas morning.

Christmas was never the same for me after that. I still enjoyed Christmas, but it has lost its magic.

Now that I am grown and have children of my own, I have tried to keep the magic alive for them as long as possible. And in turn, their joy and excitement for Christmas has brought the magic back to Christmas for me.

I'm a believer again. I believe in Santa, but not as a rotund, jolly, white haired man who brings good little boys and girls presents, but instead as a symbol of the spirit of Christmas. Religion aside, the spirit of Christmas is about doing what we can to make others happy. Seeing the joy in my children's faces on Christmas morning, knowing that they still believe in the magic, is one of the best things in the world.

Watching people all over the world become more generous and willing to lend a helping hand to their neighbors is one of the amazing magical things about Christmas. Even in difficult economic times, people still become more giving during this time of year. And there is magic in that.

The magic of Christmas can be found in different places for different people. I choose to find the magic of Christmas in every child's joyous smile.

Where do you find the magic of Christmas?

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