Friday, 26 October 2012

"Cobwebs" - flash fiction entry by Robert Fyfe for Spooktoberfest #spooktoberfest

  Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests wanted to find a way to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year in style.

And so SPOOKTOBERFEST was born!

Requirements of the story:

Your Flash Fiction piece cannot be any longer than 300 words.
You must use the MANDATORY 5 words listed below…

Post your Flash Fiction piece any day from Friday Oct 26th thru Monday, Oct. 29th.

Your flash fiction piece can be scary, comical, romantic, or whatever you choose, just be creative!

The winners will be posted on HALLOWEEN! That’s right, Wednesday, Oct. 31st. Jackie and Dani will each choose a winner. That’s right – two winners!

PRIZES: A grab bag and candy. The winners will get the biggest bags we can find of their favorite candy along with some spookified items.

With this in mind, my husband, Robert Fyfe, decided to write a quick poem using all of the required words. Here is his entry:


Caught in a cage brown with rust
Cobwebs old and full of dust
I sit and hope my life to keep
Not lost to a ghost to moan and weep
A cackle pierces the frosty air
As a wicked joke witches share
Razor sharp fingernails rip like a lion
And tossed into a cauldron made of iron
Plants that poison and lizards newt
Jack-o-lantern and mandrake root
A soup that holds one ingredient short
Actually not for I am caught