Sunday, 27 March 2011

Why We Need To Believe In A Bit Of Fairy Magic


"Children are creatures of magic. In a child’s eyes, anything is possible, from the mundane to the truly magical. Through their innocent eyes, the world takes on a whole new presence, full of mystery, magic and wonder." ~Rebecca Fyfe

The world is full of magic, but it is easy to get lost in the mundane responsibilities and chores of everyday life and to become blind to the magic and beauty that is all around us. When this happens, we run the risk of letting ourselves become cynical. When we let ourselves lose that part of ourselves that can see the miracles in everyday life, we let a part of our soul escape from us.

One of my favorite quotes is found in the book series The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. In it, the wizard Harry Dresden states, "There is more magic in a baby's first giggle than in anything the most powerful wizard can conjure." It is this simple magic, the beautiful miracles that happen every day, that we tend to miss when we let ourselves grow cynical and let our souls grow blind to these everyday enchantments.

All it takes is opening our eyes and appreciating what we have in this world, grabbing the innocence from our childhood that we may think we have lost and embracing it anew. And when we let the fairy magic back into our lives, it blossoms and grows until we begin to believe again, and our lives become sparkling and fresh and full of wonder once more.

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Diane J. Reed said...

Lovely article that reminds us of the power of wonder and of everyday miracles in our lives : )