Sunday, 20 November 2011

See The World Through Fairy Eyes


Sunlight and morning dew,
The glistening of magical wings.
Moonbeams and starlight,
All sorts of enchanting things.

See the world through fairy eyes,
With magic and sparkle and glee.
See the power in every butterfly
And the life in every tree.

See the puffed up toad,
Who leaps quickly out of sight.
See the soft little bunny,
Who looks back at you without fright.

See the jet black crow
Who flies towards you without fear,
See the magic in his wisdom,
As he flies far and near.

See the grace in a flower,
It's beauty for all to see,
Filling the air with perfume
And giving pollen for the bee.

Hear the voices that whisper
Through the sighing of the breeze.
Hear the magic talking
Through the rustling of the leaves.

See the world through fairy eyes,
And find the magic that is all around.
See the world through fairy eyes,
A world of magic to be found.

1 comment:

Justin Bogdanovitch said...

There are some great lines here in this fairy poem... I love me some puffed up toad :-)